This is where I will put "art" (snort when you read that, please). 99% of it will have been created on my phone. Some of it will be recognisable as buildings, flowers, animals, etc, and some of it will be patterns that might be suitable for webpage backgrounds or wallpaper. Anything in between will be random/abstract whatever that has been filtered to death. But, whatever I like. Whatever I think looks "nice" (snort at will). Basically, if you use it for anything that will be seen by others, provide a link back here as the source. It will be fine to modify it. I've got to look up the Creative Commons site to find the right badge & link for the usage.

Meantimes, here's a sample:

50kb jpg

Ideally there will be thumbnails that link to a larger version of each artwork. Also I need to code up a list of the apps that I use (general photo editing/filters plus tools specifically for tiling, etc). Not that I'm going to remember which app I used for every image - most have been processed with more than once by the time I get something I'm happy with. But just a general list, to give credit to the people without whose work I couldn't have made my images, and to give some inspiration, maybe, to others who want to create similar things for themselves?


Creative Commons License
Selected images in this section ("art" - as created by by Leilani of are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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please read 'Terms Of Use' in this section (once that becomes available) to determine what you may and may not reuse and whether a link back is required. thank you :)